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Cowchip Alabama’s favorite son, Norman E. Morrison has a tremendous backlog of material

to present to the growing rank of Cowchip/AL fans out there! You among them!

THE RYO LODGEMy latest novel is
THE RYO LODGE starring Norm. (This Norm is not related to the author.)

RYO is short for “Roll Your Own.” That’s the name of the sinister corporation owned by Norm and operated out of friendly but deadly Cowchip/AL.

The RYO Lodge is a major length novel and the first full feature for author Norman Morrison.

A preview of The RYO Lodge…

Still, one thing rankled. It was the name of the hotel. Norm had no intention to give Doc Neal the credit for his work. Yet the name for the new edifice had eluded him until this moment.

Now that Fischer fellow, thought Norm. He had smoked at least a half dozen cigarettes on the walk around. His office had smelled like the county dump, it was so thick with embedded tar.

Norm did not smoke, and neither did he begrudge anyone that did, but of one thing he was certain. If he decided to smoke, he’d roll his own, just like Fischer. There was something manly about that. Hell, Fischer was rolling them with one hand. Norm was impressed.

Not many built their own smokes any more. Norm had seen teenagers sneaking out behind his clubs smoking marijuana. It was a passing fad, he thought. Cocaine was a better bet. More profit, more easily hidden.

Still, there was something about Fischer and his cigarettes. Then it hit him. That would be the name of the lodge. The R- Y- O Lodge.

Norm nodded in satisfaction. That pretty much summed up his adult life. He had never worked for anyone else except for a short, profitable stint with a man in Tennessee that led to larger things. He had entered associations, yes, but in the end he had always been his own boss. He had always Rolled His Own.

He glanced back at the old structure, then down at the beer bottles. One day, this place would be a testament to his foresight, this RYO Lodge!

Back in his car, the air running wide open, he flicked the radio to life once again, the dust rooster tailing from behind his Lincoln…


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The RYO Lodge is the story of a man driven from his home in Tennessee to the wilds of the backwoods town of Cowchip Alabama. Norm is a man with a dream and he discovers that the sleepy but strange little berg of Cowchip is just the place to make it happen.

As good as the story is, you’ll really love the characters that Norm and you will meet (and use) along the way…

Making his move, while they were still light blinded, he rushed the car, shoving the pistol through the open passenger window right into Drawer’s face. Whispering, “Where are the other guys?”

“Damn!” yelped Murt, but not loudly.

“Where are the other guys?” whispered Norm again, brutally shoving the gun into Drawer’s cheek.

“There ain’t no other guys,” said Murt, his hand slipping from the wheel down toward the seat.

Norm had had enough with these two clowns. “Murt, you better get that hand back on the wheel with the other one right now, or I’m going to shoot right through Drawer’s skinny face and kill you dead in about two seconds.”

Murt jerked his hands back to the wheel. “There ain’t nobody else,” he fairly screamed, in keeping with the quiet of the evening.”

“What about it Drawers?” asked Norm.

“It’s just us, Norm. I ain’t lying. You know me.”

“Yeah, I know the both of you,” said Norm quickly looking up to glance right and left, then back to Drawers. A really bad smell wafted from the car.


The novel, THE RYO LODGE is about how Norm establishes the “hunting” Lodge, and goes on to found a sinister empire so powerful that it will change the course of the history of the world far into the future. It all begins in tiny, strange, Cowchip Alabama in 1969. It’s unlike any novel you have ever read. Like it, love it, or hate it, you won’t be able to put it down and you’ll scream for more.

The long anticipated novel, THE RYO LODGE .  Look for it today on Kindle!

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