FableShop Bullpen Issue #3

Building A Successful Fiction Book Series

It has always been well known that the secret of success with fiction is in writing books in series, or at least owning a successful brand. Witness the western books of Louis L’Amour. Millions of copies were sold. BTW, his formula was dirt simple and he rarely wrote anything but that he followed it.

Formula of Louis L’Amour: Boy sees girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy kills bad guy. Boy gets girl.

Prior to Kindle, you wrote a manuscript, neatly double spaced. Then you mailed it to every publishing house you could find. You could do this over and over, because unless you were wildly brilliant or knew somebody that knew somebody, your neatly spaced text would keep coming back.

Nowadays, not only is there Kindle itself, but there is also Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, plus a half dozen lesser places to advertise your wares. And let us not forget the humble website or blog.

To that end, I have created not only a brand…the Cowchip/AL brand, but I have also been busy establishing all of the above PLUS a strangely wonderful Cowchip/AL Forum.

Now, not only can you read about Cowchip, but you can also PARTICIPATE in it. No wine and cheese here. No sir! You get to get down and dirty with all your favorite Cowchip/AL characters. You even get to BE a Cowchip/AL character! I’m hopeful that it will catch on.

In Other News:

I am busy preparing the first in the RYO Lodge series of books for you. I have NO idea, or very little idea what will transpire in the first volume, because I’m writing it at this time. I am as mystified, tickled, and generally curious as you as the tale unfolds on my word processor.

Here’s a little blurb to pique your curiosity:

Working Title: The RYO Lodge, A New Beginning Of Hope

” The story of the RYO Corporation had humble beginnings. It began with the leasing of the old RYO Lodge, located on 2200 prime forested acres on the outskirts of Cowchip/AL.

Originally built before the turn of the 20th century, it provided a place of rest and rehabilitation for weary rich people through the partaking of the muddy waters of Choccolocco Creek. Over the years, though it had fallen into disuse and decay, it became a vestibule ripe for plunder for a smart, but secretive business man who drove into town one dark and stormy evening. “

Coming soon to a Kindle near you!