Fableshop Bullpen Issue #1

July 20, 2012

If you’re here you may be wondering just what is FableShop.net and what is a Fableshop Bullpen?

In that order, Fableshop.net is the central location for folks interested in Cowchip/AL and the Choccolocco Valley to see my imperious opinions and share their ideas, gripes, etc. And the *Bullpen* is simply the gathering place.

Thirdly, I might add, Fableshop.net is a clever marketing device to aid me to make more fans and sell more books.

Let me say at the outset that there is Norm and Norm. The real Norm, me, would never behave like the Norm who runs the RYO Corporation. Quite the opposite in fact. That’s what makes it so much doggone fun, slipping into the other Norm mode to create my tales.

Where do I get my inspiration? Why, from life. Just observing how folks behave toward one another. Cowchip/AL series tales are as much of a mind job as good fun fiction. There is always a moral or two buried in the text and if you are clever you won’t have much trouble ferreting them out.

Am I the best writer? Why heck no. Am I an interesting writer.  I think so. Heck *I* even have fun reading my stuff.

See you next issue!