Christmas In Cowchip – The Review

Christmas In Cowchip is an old fashioned good feeling Christmas story. It’s set in everyone’s favorite hometown, Cowchip, Alabama.

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The best review I can give you is that of my editor, wife, friend, etc., Ms Vicky. At the end of the story she got all teary eyed. This a FIRST. Normally I pester her for comments, but when I saw her snuffling, I knew I had hit the jackpot. I just shut up and went on.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and I have read Dickems A Christmas Carol about a dozen times. However, Christmas In Cowchip is not another knockoff of that famous book.

Set in contemporary times, it’s the story of Norm (No relation to the author) the owner and CEO of the world famous but largely unknown RYO Corporation right there in downtown Cowchip Alabama.

Norm is the most powerful man in the whole world, but he becomes melancholy and a pain to his friends and employees because he is bored, I guess. He has accomplished everything he set out to accomplish. (See my novel, “The RYO Lodge in early 2013.)

Then, as luck would have it he discovers a world beating deposit of copper near Cowchip. He sets out to grab it, rooking the rightful owners in the process. This makes him a little happier, but drives not only his employees but the whole town of Cowchip away from him which makes him more miserable.

The crux of this 26,000 word novella is how in the world will Norm get his tail out of a twist and become happy once again? You’ll have to read my book to find out how. It’s a modern Christmas feel good tale that will yield a pleasant evening of reading! I hope you’ll give it a chance to jerk your heart strings!

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