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Management Decision Review

Everyone who has worked more than one job has known a really strange boss. In high class situations bosses are called Managers.

In the critically acclaimed Kindle Amazon books edition, Management Decision, the reason that you too may have had a really strange or horrible boss man or boss lady is spelled out in no uncertain terms. The book is as funny as it is shocking.

While it is true that Management Decision is listed under Kindle Fiction, and an electronic and not paperback edition to boot, it is also clear that the secret of your boss’s strangeness defies common categorization.

The explanation is so bizarre, the fallout so deadly, the suddenness of impact so severe that many can only accept the explanation that the story is fictional.

Reviews of this amazing book have been coming in hot and heavy, though, you’ll find few on the author’s book page on Kindle. Naturally the reviews are underground, for very few are willing to assign their name to the truths laid out in this outstanding, if short, work of brilliance.

While you may be in the crowd that sees Management Decision as science fiction as satire, you can be assured that your boss does not. For him or her, it’s tantamount to letting the cat out of the bag.

Fiction as satire is an old device, but seldom used in the SF genre. The New York Times, in point of fact, has stayed miles away from this important work of knowledge because the editor no doubt realizes the importance thereof.

Fiction & Fantasy always has some basis in fact, or it would not be readable. For example, everyone knows that when water tumbles over the tenth rock, it becomes drinkable, and delicious. Suppose there was a book or story about a planet that had only nine rocks? You would have to already know the rock principle for it to be enjoyable. Otherwise, who cares??

Customer reviews of Management Decision, available at the Kindle Store indicate not so much an acceptance of the world shaking secret it delivers with shocking clarity and brevity, but more of a paradigm shift in what the reader thinks he or she knows to be true, may in fact be untrue.

It is hoped that readers of this world shaking Kindle version epic have a ready supply of saline solution handy as well as a handy helper to administer the extra fluids necessary to sustain life itself after the shock sets in.

Shocked you will be when you learn the secret that Mynerd learned. And you must remember that you can run like little Jimmy Grimaldi, but you CAN NOT escape the mind blowing truth exposed once and for all time in the instant Kindle Classic, Management Decision! Get your copy of MANAGEMENT DECISION today!

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