Science Fiction: Cowchip Cafe

The Cowchip Cafe – An Aweseome Book Review!

I know what you’re thinking. Who in their might rind would care to eat at a diner called the Cowchip Cafe located in Cowchip/AL of all places? Well, I’ll tell you. Space aliens, that’s who! It’s ALL about good taste!

You might ask, “What in the world prompted you to write this story about a space alien who visits a southern country kitchen miles from Cowchip/AL, the acknowledged home of people who in themselves may be space aliens?!”

I might be tempted to reply that all of my stories are based in and around Cowchip/AL and or the RYO Corporation, which is the most powerful corporation on earth, but little known. But I wouldn’t. In actual fact, I don’t remember why I wrote this tale, but it is GOOD one. It’s southern sci if, which in itself is rare. It also has real southern feelings and emotions, concerns, and all the rest. It also has genuine science fiction humor, which is fairly rare.

Science fiction types are usually pretty serious fellows. Often they are selling something in the way of new technology or old dumb causes wrapped in new paper. Fantasy folks, on the other hand often make up stories so far out that a space crane couldn’t reel them back in. It just so happens that my Cowchip/AL stories are semi-plausible, with a healthy dose of satire thrown in to keep them off kilter enough to throw you every so often. In other words, just about the time you get comfortable and think you know where you’re going, I slide in a detour. It keeps my readers reading and wanting more. It’s really smart, tight, SF and Fantasy all rolled up into a semi-plausible wrapper. Southerners will say, “Yeah, I seen a place like that one time!”

The first inspiration for this story of aliens and rednecks occurred because being a golden age kind of SF reader, I was seeing more and more science fiction magazine stories, that while very well written were as dull as drying grass. Or preachy. Or both.

When I read SF I’m in it for the thrill, and I don’t want to be sold a point of view. I don’t necessarily even care to be taught something. I can open a copy of Science or National Geo for that. As an author, my first duty is to keep my audience amused. If I happen to write a paragraph and upon re reading bust out laughing, I know I’ve hit the mark.

The Cowchip Cafe is just such an epic. Set on the outskirts of the little southern town of Cowchip/AL the story opens with the weekly coffee club sitting around drinking the heady brew and swapping tales of flying saucers. At first, it might sound like another set of old fart liars, but you quickly catch the drift that they aren’t kidding!

Then enters the stranger. Is he a space alien? Has he come from Uranus to take over the earth, and why does he order extra hash browns with his burger? These are pressing questions that the story hopes to answer for the rabid reader.

Bear in mind that you might want to put the book down, but you can’t. You’re going to want to stay for the punch line. You’re going to want to get to the very center of the mystery. Even more, you’re going to want to know MORE about these citizens of Cowchip/AL.

You can only experience the ultimate thrills that come with ANYTHING to do with Cowchip/AL by reading about Cowchip/AL. While this tale is set in the present day, in other brilliant works, you’ll be transported to the past and to the far future, and everything you read will have its roots in this marvelous southern city that you’ll find only ‘neath a field of stars in the steamy jungles of central Alabama.

If you get lost looking for Cowchip/AL, after reading about it, I can only say God help you if you actually find it. It’s waiting for you. It’s waiting for you all. The journey starts on Kindle. Begin it now!