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DimeNovel Presents: Top 10 Movie and Television Androids Of All Time

DimeNovel Presents: Top 10 Movie and Television Androids Of All Time

DimeNovel presents the best and most beloved top ten ANDROIDS ever created to make us laugh and make us cry and also to make us die and also to make delicious meals sometimes.


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Captain Zant and Norm’s Top Ten Megamonster Androids!


The article you are embarking is about the truly top ten androids in the movies and television. (Some robots and cyborgs too. It can not be helped.)

Just to be clear, your cell phone which uses the android operating system is not a real android. Far from it. For it to be an android it would have to closely resemble a human being. It would be five to six feet tall and follow you around. To listen to a phone call you would put your ear to its mouth. To speak you would put your mouth to its ear. It is unclear how you would dial the thing or send a text message. I leave that to your ample imagination.

The top 10 robot & android movies of all time are about fictional robots and androids as already stated. The term robot and android is often interchangeable. Just to get it out (Rossum’s Universal Robots) written in 1920 or RUR for short was the first of a plethora of more than human robot and android flicks.

The Day The Earth Stood Still from 1951 is on the other end of the spectrum. An all around top 10 good movie is the first Star Wars episode featuring C3P0. We talk a bit about that in the accompanying video.

A list of fictional robots and androids, and this includes the mail android as well as the female android (to include the male android) will be found on friend Wiki here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_robots_and_androids .

Androids usually think by means of clever artificial intelligence or AI and is a hallmark in science fiction. Sometimes, using your awesome skill as a web surfer you find not only the free movie but the best movie as well regarding mechanical men.

Nothing can beat artificial lifeforms on the big screen. We’re talking Arnold Schwarzenegger as The Terminator and the psychotic humanoid gits of Blade Runner. What’s even better, in The Terminator series Arnold (Ah-nuld) is actually a robot clone because there are copies.

Battlestar Galactica did the best job of melding human forms in robot chassis. Captain Zant, the first part of the duo in our featured Top 10 Androids Youtube video (Found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmiiL4sjAAc ) disagrees. He thinks Data of STNG (Star Trek Next Generation) is the cat’s meow. Personally, I think he is a sissy and would be used to repair atomic toasters by a half functioning terminator or at least eight of the twelve Cylon models.

In the last decade the movie robot varies little in graphical capability than the television android. Film androids who may have a wetware brain or a computer brain often have the same staying power when fighting for or against the human hero. Some movies, be it robot, cyborg, or android concentrate on gee whiz effects while others tend toward great characters.

Android critters tend to inhabit the future and sometimes epic places off planet. It seems that we hardly ever get around to making them. Instead we rely on the motion pictures to invest the machines with personaility and performance.

While the typical mech may be more man, occasionally they are more weapon. For example, the military is used as the foil when they unleash their mechazoids who have an amazing and deadly personality. Even when the theme is of current years the monster machines are often a century ahead. Terminator was a couple of centuries into the future, but we are catching up all the time.

Robot movies must have a good and solid story to be memorable. The created robotic world of the future must be filled with memorable tech, media, and adventure.

On Battlestar Galactica good girls go bad. Recall that the very first toaster was created from a girl and then reprogrammed from a friendly toaster to a very unfriendly one. The experiment was more successful than imagined because eventually her and her clones blew up eleven worlds. How rude!

Space is not the final frontier. Just ask another robot android type of critter, the Transformer. They transform from popular and trendy objects into fierce fighting droids. Just goes to show that the greatest helpful androids may have originally been a steam operated outhouse. You never know!

In the end, we should all write letters to our government to thoughtfully request that the first true patented robot must be friendly and nice so that the top robots of all time will be our closes friends and not our worst enemies. After all, it’s not so very nice to go for your morning toast and lose a finger! Ouch!

This report prepared by Norm at the Cowchip Institute in Cowchip Alabama. You can read the other reports there.

About the Author: Norm is the second part of the DimeNovel Top Ten Team and a writer of science fiction. It is highly recommended that you explore his work.

Pure Satire and SF Comedy: The world of Cowchip Alabama

Pure Drama with Survival After the Apocalypse: Survival Apocalypse



Androids make excellent home helpers. An android makes a salad:


  • Fresh garden lettuce
  • Garden tomato
  • Vinegar
  • Olive oil
  • Motor oil


Blend fresh lettuce with tomatoes. Add vinegar, olive oil, and motor oil.

Toss salad in the air.

10 DIM A(20)
20 FOR 1=0 TO 20
30 READ A(1)
50 DATA 1,2,3.. .

60 DIM R3(5, 5)
70 DIM D$(2,2,2

80 Toss salad in air

90 Goto 80

100 IF endless loop THEN end

Result: Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss salad in air Toss sal….


Here are my actual notes for our DimeNovel Top Ten Android series video:

C1… Data
N2… I Sing The Body Electric
C3… Bladerunner
N4… Creature With The Atom Brain
C5… Byron
N6… Colossus of New York
N8… Stepford Wives
C9… Bicentennial Man
N10… Terminator

An android is a robot with a human appearance.

I Sing The Body Electric
By Ray Bradbury
Aired on The Twilight Zone 100th Episode on 18 May 1962.
A recent widower, needing loving care for his three young children, orders a cybernetic “grandmother”
Catch it on Hulu among other places. http://www.hulu.com/watch/440837
Creature With The Atom Brain

A deported American gangster Frank, forces ex-Nazi scientist Wilhelm to create zombies by resurrecting corpses through radiation in order to help him exact revenge on his enemies.

It melds both dead people with the awesome energy of atomic fission to create zombie androids who always mind their malevolent masters and could care less about being nice. Gangsters, Nazis, and atomic powered brains. In it’s day there wasn’t many more sinister things you could pack into a low budget film.
Look for    Richard Denning as Dr. Chet Walker who also did
Day the World Ended also 1955. One of my favorite post apocalypse atomic type movies.
And one of the scariest monster flicks ever shot on film..
The Black Scorpion in 1957!
You can see this flick on DailyMotion… http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x208og2_creature-with-the-atom-brain-1955_shortfilms


Colossus of New York

According to friend Wiki: “Following an accident, Jeremy Spensser’s brain is transplanted by his scientist father into the huge body of an unattractive, frightening cyborg, this to save his brilliant son’s mind so it can continue to serve mankind.”
Here’s the deal. The cyborg, android, whichever, is THE reason to watch the film. The thing really is nightmarish and will stick with you
You can see him run amuck a bit in the trailer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTEKNyXkPbI   

Stepford Wives
Every married man’s favorite!

Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Stepford_Wives says The Stepford Wives is satirical which means the Wiki writer has a strange sense of humor. Actually the film is hard to categorize.
If you have not seen it then you must. It is the story of saucy and modern thinking Joanna Eberhart who moves to the upper scale digs of Stepford. Her husband joins the “guys club” and she notices that some of the women there are Suzy Homeakers. Her best new friend there is not, and then one day she is.
Joana does her best to convince her hubby that they need to split the scene. His typical male reaction and solution is presented at the end of the film.
You can see it whole on Youtube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpzjoDNztKE …. Just a word of warning. This film really does draw out the lunatics. Do not read the comments. Just enjoy the flick.

The Terminator is possibly not the top Android, but the thing is certainly the most well known. Seems the Terminator series of bad robot flicks starting in 1984 runs about every five minutes on cable. I have only seen it about 157 times myself.
There does not seem to be much point in reliving the plot. You should know it by heart. So I shall regale you with trivia that you probably do not know courtesy the Internet movie Database.

Sylvester Stallone was considered for The Terminator.
…Bruce Willis and Sting were considered for the role of Kyle Reese.
….Swarzenegger thought HE wanted to be Kyle Reese when he got the script. At least he didn’t want to be Sarah Conner.
The classic “clank” which I could never get enough of  was made by Brad Fiedel by hitting a microphone with a cast iron skillet.

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