About FableShop.net

FableShop.net is a bold experiment. It brings together the best modern fiction available together with just a tad of advertising.

The theory of this website is that where to date ALL Internet advertising accomplished in a textual way is done by means of “article marketing,” a different, and possibly better way is to use fiction instead. To that end, you’ll find one end of the process…the blog end. The other end, is the Kindle end, where the real business is done. That’s where you purchase my books!

Articles, are by their nature dry and dull beyond the essential information you seek. Fiction marketing, on the other hand, is as broad as the imagination and anything but dull.

Blending in the minimum essential advertising information here with a fantastically well written fiction story is what we accomplish at FableShop.net. It opens many possibilities for story lines as well as challenges the author. The end result, as you will see is a fine fiction product fit for the eyes, and a salve for the senses!